Chica Vs. Food: First Taste of Dimsum

This past Saturday I had dimsum, a Cantonese tradition, for the first time with my friends Ang, Dima, Ana and Matt. Right here in Bensonhurst I had my first taste of chicken feet and hearty tripe. This was their initiation to Asia for me.

Location of the throw down

Innocently deceiving

There is a ritual to all of this

Meat Rice Cakes


Chicken Feet

Tripe with sauce



Goodbye New York

I will miss my city. I leave today, and I leave thinking I should have set more time to just sit and breathe in New York one last time, rather than be the typical person here – missing out on details because I am running on overdrive to get to my next destination.

Driving through Manhattan

Ever-changing scenes

Some odd hour

Something my sister said the other day made this new beginning so real. She said, “This person you are, this person won’t come back next year. Someone new will.” Just like my city, ever-changing, how different will it be when I come home.