Chica Vs. Food: First Taste of Dimsum

This past Saturday I had dimsum, a Cantonese tradition, for the first time with my friends Ang, Dima, Ana and Matt. Right here in Bensonhurst I had my first taste of chicken feet and hearty tripe. This was their initiation to Asia for me.

Location of the throw down

Innocently deceiving

There is a ritual to all of this

Meat Rice Cakes


Chicken Feet

Tripe with sauce



2 thoughts on “Chica Vs. Food: First Taste of Dimsum

  1. That was NOT your first dimsum. Lol You’ve had dimsum multiple times with me when we were younger. My grandma use to take us out all the time after school.

    And you hated the tripe back then. LOL

  2. Ok…so maybe my first dimsum experience with my Asia trip in mind. I honestly only remember going that one time with your grandma and have that tripe you tricked me into eating. I have overcome my trauma 🙂

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