A Journey

In this strange new land I feel like I stand in front of a looking glass – seeing a group of young people trying to get somewhere. We are on this pilgrimage called life, trying to figure who we are and what we can do to change this world. So we start in Thailand, but who knows where our path will lead us.


2 thoughts on “A Journey

  1. It looks beaaautiful ! I showed my mom this video. I think we know who the favorite child is 😦 She really liked the waterfalls part of the video. She said it reminded her when they were little, my tia Angelita and her would go bathe by the waterfalls together when they were small.

    My mom wants me to tell you:
    She’s so happy you’re getting to explore exotic places. She’s a little jealous you went by the river and saw that waterfall. She misses you a lot and thinks about you everyday. She sends kisses, and I send tight hugs 😛 We miss you.

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