Water is key

Typical water machine

I’ve never sweated so much in my life here. It is so humid, and just getting around has you constantly sweating. No amount of water it seems is hydrating my body enough. I was at the mall the other day, waiting to watch Salt (pretty good btw) and suddenly I was hit with a wave of lightheadedness and had to sit out. It was not as bad as my friend who almost passed out right before we began to teach. He turned white as a sheet but the monks kept him uber hydrated all day.

The availability of water is no issue at all. There are machines everywhere that let you fill up your bottles with water.


Throwing the Rules Out

Driving is interesting here. They drive on the opposite side…..and really it seems like there are no pedestrian walkways. This is all good and fine. Unless you are in a song thaew….driving down a very steep mountain … in the pouring rain.

My apologies for the awful sound. The camera does not pick up wind very well.

Mmmm Mmmm Clean

Love doing laundry here. The laundry machines are just outside, you put in your 20 Baht (less than a dollar) and you are ready to go. Unfortunately, there are no dryers. So it just makes it all worth it getting it done for you.

Justin's a bit flabbergasted