EPIK Announcement

This is a public service announcement. The news some of you have been waiting for from the two gals in EPIK (English Program in Korea):

6 thoughts on “EPIK Announcement

  1. Haha that’s priceless. Of course you two are next door to each other! I’m just waiting for the next video where you say they ran out of apartments so you two are going to be roommates…but in a one bedroom. 🙂 Hope you guys are getting settled in ok. Miss you!

  2. Alex & Jodi, what is the name of the school(s) you were both assigned to? Also, Alex–check your email…I have a couple of questions for ya!

  3. That is GREAT news! To be on this adventure is awesome to begin with but to be able to share it with your “Best Friend” is amazing!!! Good Luck & have fun!! 🙂

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