Lost in Translation

Funny story of how things can get lost in translation. One morning:

Co-teacher: Hello Alex, today we are going to end each class 5 minutes early so we can disinfect the school.

Alex: Oo ok.

[A whole day later at 4:00pm, she walks into my office which is separated from the rest of the teachers, a floor up]

Co-teacher: Hello Alex, I want to show you some paperwork work…lalala here sign this, look at this. Ok see you later.

Alex:Hmm let me work for a few more mintues.

[20 minutes later]

Alex: Ok time to go home. Open my little office door into bigger English Zone classroom. Lalala…waaaaiiit a minute. Umm why is there white smoke coming from under the door???

[Naive foreigner opens door, and cant see a thing. The hallway that was once there is covered in a wall of white smoke. That smells like poisonous printer ink fumes]

Alex: [closes door immediately] What the heck!?!?!

[Runs to window, opens it, sticks head out to breathe and notices the innocent children outside playing with a ball]

Alex: ::tear:: Will they notice if I start climbing out window?

[begins to devise a plan to climb out the third story and make it out alive]

Alex: Well ….20 minutes have passed…and I can kinda see the hallway. So let’s do this!

[Grabs a small bag that had that morning’s muffin, uses it to breathe into. Runs out, chokes on smoke as it becomes difficult to lock the door]

[5 minutes later, outside]

Alex: I’m alive!! ::cough cough::

Random teacher: Bye Alex! 😀

Alex: …..Bye! [smiles weakly]


[Next day]

Alex: Good morning Co-teacher, hey so……in American lingo, what happened yesterday can be best described as FUMIGATION. Disinfection does not really get the message across.

Co-teacher: Oh really? I picked the first word from the translation dictionary online. Ok I will remember that word for next time. I’m sorry.

Could have been helpful:

Or maybe miming “choking to death”


5 thoughts on “Lost in Translation

  1. Alex–Thank goodness you stay calm and collected during scary/difficult times. We both know that I would have thrown myself from that window and plummeted to my death.

    Miss you tons!

  2. Wow. Ya know once a little time has passed and we’re sure you don’t have any adverse effects from this episode I will laugh heartily at this story. Until then, geez are you ok? The pitfalls of living in a foreign land huh?

  3. LMAO!!!!! Sorry, I know I shouldn’t laugh. I just have this image of you running through poisonous fumes with an empty muffin bag over your mouth. Maybe THAT’S why Asians wear those hospital masks.

  4. OMG primita so sorry but it was funny I love how you have so many stories to tell. Es de novela I’m hooked hahha. ❤ ya. Take care and keep having fun cuz I'll keep watching 😉

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