Capturing Apsan Park

My school had a trip to Apsan Park with the goal of having a landscape competition. The girls would spend the day in the park capturing a scene with paints and watercolors, while the teachers chaperoned and relaxed for the day. What I got out of it was spending time with teachers I rarely see, even with the big language barrier and realizing how shy middle school girls are about taking pictures. They try so hard to hide behind their hands and peace sign gestures!

Interesting fact: San means mountain in Korean, so never call it Apsan Mountain.


Some of them were so talented!


They found any spot to sit on, listen to music and work on their art.


The teachers and I played hooky and rode the tram to the top.


The view of Daegu


They were so shy!




4 thoughts on “Capturing Apsan Park

  1. Awww…envy! Aside from Singapore and Japan, Korea’s also one of those countries I want to try living in for say, one year or two. How is it there? Is it easy to adjust?

    I love your blog! =)

    • Thanks so much! I love living in Korea, granted its been only 2 and a halfish months. It’s easier to adjust if you just throw yourself in there with getting involved with things. Im lucky to have my friend here with me so that made it easier. Def a place I would recomment

  2. sorry just randomly stopping by…
    the girls hiding behind their hands may not be because they are shy – but it’s a typical pose for girls who want to appear big-eyed/small-faced. haha. you’ll encounter it often in the coming months~
    enjoy your stay!

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