Chica Vs. Food: Dung house


[At the school festival]

Korean Teacher: Alex….try this.

Alex: What is it? [innocently]

Korean Teacher: ….chicken…umm you know…dung house?

Alex: Huh??

Korean Teacher: [points to midsection] dung house!

Alex: Oh! Intenstine! ….waiiit…large intestine?

Korean Teacher: Yes! Intestine! Try!

Alex: [beads of sweat] OK…hmm not too bad.

 Chicken Intestine on a stick:


4 thoughts on “Chica Vs. Food: Dung house

  1. Haha what was it like?? My friedn ate some sort of chicken at a restaurant recently and after the meal the chef came over to ask him if he enjoyed it and informed him he has just eating ‘chicken asshole’. He won’t be going back to that restaurant lol

  2. Actually what you ate was gizzard. For some obscure reason it is called ddong-zzip or dak(chicken)-ddong-zzip in Korean, literally meaning dung + house(=container).

    The teacher’s Konglish skill is very impressive. LOL

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