Reuniting Families

This Halloween weekend, more than 430 South Koreans crossed over to North Korea to meet with relatives they have not seen in years since the South and North separated more than half a century ago.

From CNN:

The event is the first in a two-part series of reunions. On Wednesday, about 200 North Koreans are to begin similar three-day reunions with their South Korean relatives at the same resort.

Millions of Korean families were separated after the Korean peninsula’s division in 1945 and the 1950-53 Korean War.

The reunions are emotional for Koreans, as most participants are elderly and are eager to see loved ones before they die. More than 20,800 family members have had brief reunions in face-to-face meetings or by video since a landmark inter-Korean summit in 2000. There are no mail, telephone or e-mail exchanges between ordinary citizens across the heavily fortified border.


4 thoughts on “Reuniting Families

  1. Wow I never even heard about this. Thanks for sharing. So sad to see the old man crying, must be so emotional for them.

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