Polterheist : A Murder Mystery

This Halloween, Daegu had its first Murder Mystery show put on by the  Daegu Theater Troupe. Held at the By the Book Cafe, it was a perfect place to set the mood and the theme for the night. I played the role of Detective Dana Scullery, a take on the X-Files, who is investigating a potential cat burglar at a haunted inn in the Poconos. Everyone is a suspect, and the audience must guess who the murderer is by the end of the night.

I had fun playing the role, mingling with guests but most of all having friends visit from Songnam and my teachers coming to support me.

The play was a success- a full house and a murder to be solved!

Support from my 2 co-teachers and her sister

The Halloween Costume Contest in which the Statue of Liberty won

Some of the cast

The girls and I .... and my makeshift vigilante costume

For those of you really interested and who missed out on the show, here are some clips. It’s a long video, and unfortunately only captures my side of the story. Mom, dad enjoy!

Plus this random other video about these kids in Japan. Only in Asia would they actually do this to children and expose them on TV and the internet. Oh Asia haha you made my day.


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