Fall School Festival

Oct 19: Gotta love those days when you come to school and don’t have to teach because the school is having their festival! My school set up tents and an art display, as well as a talent show and an English Cafe!

These festivals are a big deal, a great deal of prepartion is needed to ensure the school is spotless and decorated with flowers for the visitors who come -including some mothers who also helped out with food as well as the founder of the foundation my school is under. I was aburptly introduced to him but felt at ease once I learned he had lived in Manhattan for 5 years and he chatted with me about NYC.

At one point my students kidnapped me and took me to the “Club Music” tent. A makeshift dance club in which they made me sing to Lady Gaga and 2en1 (whom I love).

The English Cafe workers!

Some wordplay on something my teachers were not thrilled about....

I'm not sure what this was all about

Making some candy using brown sugar and baking powder

Here it is!

Recorder performance

A student wearing the traditional Korean outfit

Funny conversation at the English Cafe

Ms. Alex: [eating my chocolate muffin I had just purchased from them] Yumm yumm yumm…

Student A: Miss Alex…aren’t you on a diet?

Ms. Alex: Wah? [crumbs hanging off my face]

Student B: Aren’t you afraid of getting fat?

Ms. Alex: I never diet.

[Shocked expressions of students and a teacher]

Student A: I want to be on a diet!

Ms. Alex: Diets are awful! …Listen, never feel guilty about eating, enjoy eating! Girls are crazy to starve themselves! Food is too delicious! …..[massive rant continues]

Teacher: Alex…..you, small from top yes? [big grin] ….but from bottom….ehhh [motions widely round with her hands and chuckles]

Miss Alex: [……and just ruined my inspirational speech] Haha…..well….hispanic …eh spanish? people …. curvy? ummm….[smile widely] I love to eat!