Americans and their Allergies


Teacher: Alex…you allergic to peanuts?

Alex: …No. Why?

Teacher: Here, peanut cookies.

Alex: Thanks! [munch …crunch] …. so…Koreans aren’t really allergic to peanuts huh?

Teacher: No, only Americans.

Alex: Yeah we seem to be allergic to a lot. And Koreans?

Teacher: Nothing.

So why is it that it seems like Americans have so many adverse reactions to certain foods. This conversation today made me remember how my parents would scoff at the notion of food allergies, until the day my brother developed lactose intolerance. Cultures clashed and it seemed they could not fathom why he could not drink milk. It was an actual argument. Eventually I also found out I was allergic to soy milk. Not soy products. Just soy milk. Strange.

Maybe not death.....but massive vomiting is a potential.