A Seoulful Early Thanksgiving

Nov. 20th

Jodi and I headed to Songnam and Seoul for an early Thanksgiving dinner with Rachel and Laurie, as well as to meet up with Michelle ( a close college friend of Jodi’s who just came to teach in Korea).

Jodi and I lugged this large pumpkin pie from Daegu, traveling for around four hours to finally get to Songnam. Unfortunately what we found is that our dear friends were not really ready for a Thanksgiving dinner. They had eaten the brie cheese with the baguette they had bought, along with drinking almost all the red wine they bought. Seriously! Was this a french thanksgiving?! [That’s right Rachel, if you are reading this imagine my usual glare].

But finally we coerced them to start making mashed potatoes, while broken-heartedly Jodi went downstairs to get fried chicken in a bucket….our ghetto Thanksgiving turkey.


Las chicas!

The next day we met up with Michelle and headed to Gyeongbokgung Palace, the largest palace in Seoul.

Inside the train station The inscription



the road less traveled

After we ended up having an AMAZING dinner at On the Border, which of course was more than double the American price, but also worth it considering I have not had any good Mexican food in Daegu or anywhere else.




Best meal EVER

We got a love motel later that night, and it actually wasn’t as shady as I thought it would be. Minus the massive comb that sat next to the lotion on the dresser table.


The love shack
We ended our trip at Forever 21, where I found jeans my size! What a sigh of relief!

Beautiful zombies

Strike a pose


Vogue vogue vogue

Our weekend in a nutshell:


6 thoughts on “A Seoulful Early Thanksgiving

  1. It’s so funny you posted this. I just went to Beard Papa’s for the first time this past weekend and I was super excited. I had never heard of it before. However, mine was not covered in chocolate It was just a strawberry cream puff. 🙂

    Also, your videos are super cool!

  2. I cannot believe you almost have 8k hits on your blog… I’m amazed by you…

    Thanks for making this adventure 1 million times more amazing by being by my side during it, and for being so creative and sharing our adventure with my family (and the rest of the world) on this blog. It means the world to me, just like you. ❤

  3. Jodi, I like your story about the concubines living in that temple…lol. I would of said the same thing. Next time when you’re in NYC, we’ll bring you to Beard Papas…I like the Green Tea Puff!

    And Ladies, I’m so proud of you and can’t wait to swap lesson plans together!

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