Classroom Connection: School Tour


The English Club

I have a friend in the states who teaches 5th grade in New Jersey. We partnered up to create Classroom Connection – a video exchange that connects students from America and South Korea by letting the students explain their school culture. Here is the results from all their effort.


2 thoughts on “Classroom Connection: School Tour

  1. The video was very informative. It gave us a look into a day at school in Daegu. I could never see American children cleaning their school. Instead of kids sitting in detention doing nothing, the school should put them to work cleaning the school. American schools could learn a lot from Korean schools. I have one question that was not addressed. Each girl stated their age in Korean and then in American and there was a year’s difference bewteen the age. How are the girls a year younger in American?

    • Hi Debbie. Yeah, unfortunately I never got to let them answer that question. In Korea, everyone turns a year older on January 1st, regardless of when they were born. So even if you were born in November, you would automatically become 1 years old on jan 1st. On their actual birthday, people do celebrate it but understand they are not turning a year older since they already did in January.
      Since getting here I will be two years older! When I got here in September and they added a year to my age, and then come January I will a ANOTHER year older. That does not feel so great, ha.

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