Rockin out at the Clazziquai Concert

So here is me checkin off another thing from the bucket list. I ended up seeing Clazziquai Project (클래지콰이) in concert back in December with Jodi and Mi-hwa.

Where we partied

So we get to the location of the concert at Kyungsan Stadium in Kyungsan City, about an hour train ride from Daegu. It is absolutely freezing by the way, unnaturally feeling like my face will fall off. Inside is a large gym with a nice stage in place. We are on the second floor which initially I think will suck. Turns out we have an awesome view. The concert is awesome, and I eventually get the nerve to jump out of my seat and dance my butt off on this empty platform next to us. How can I not stand and dance while this awesome music is pumping? Thanks Jodes for the encouragement.

Mi-hwa and I partying it up!

So THEN because we are so utterly noticeable from stage – 1. because there are not that many people in the second floor and 2. because we look like awesome crazy maniacs dancing while everyone and their mother (there were some) sat down and bopped their little glow sticks around – Alex, the lead male singer from the group sees us and WAVES! So I’m excited and feeling special and wave back, AND THEN he taps the lead singer Horan on the shoulder and points at us and SHE proceeds to wave at us!

I am NO groupie, I swear!


Who wouldn't want to be waved at by him?

Amidst our hard core dancing, Mi-hwa notices a couple sit near us. Few more songs pass and the guy totally is itching to dance, so Mi-hwa urges him on and we get two to join us in our dancing extravaganza. The guy, who is clearly the one enjoying the concert more, is so thankful we gave him the nerve I guess, that he ends up buying us water after we all work up a sweat from dancing.


At the end we have another row of people coming in to stand with us and Clazziquai ends the concert with some Christmas cheezyness.

The most bizarre moment was the intermission – in which they call up this guy and this girl, project their faces on the screen and I am totally sure he is proposing. But Mi-hwa tells me all the guy did was tell the girl he really loves hers…..and then they sit. Talk about anti-climatic! What was that?!

Strangely enough, during the song they play after the couple sits down, I notice the girl run out the gym with the flowers the crew brought out on stage. Hope she wasn’t upset…though if I;m getting my butt dragged up on stage in front of so many people, I would want more than an I love you…cause that’s just awkward. Though I don’t know if public proposals like that are my thing…waaaay too much pressure.

Freezing our butts off after the concert...yes we look like ajummas

Then we finally get a cab with this guy, who aside from the usual GPS every cab in Korea has, has pimped his out with a netbook that he uses as a TV to watch the Asia Music Awards. Did I feel safe? Eh, at times. Was it worth watching some awesome K-Pop? For sure:

Technology like whoah

And for your listening pleasure, here’s a song from Clazziquai, my absolute fave but that they did not play:



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