War Memorial of Korea

We headed to the War Memorial of Korea Museum (전쟁기념관) that opened in 1994 to display the various moments in history South Korea had been involved in war. I had heard it was a pretty good one and I was not disappointed. Like everything they do, the Korean War Museum has something for everyone. What other history museum has a free 3D flight simulator and a mini digital shooting range?

Children at play

A memorial statue

Exhibit on last year's attack on the South Korean Navy ship

Cool replica of the Vietcong underground tunnels

Awesome planes and tanks with the Seoul tower lighting the background

Getting ready for the "ride"

And of course it would not be complete without a cute little mascot to attract kids and adults alike. Meet Mudori, the official mascot of the War Memorial of Korea:


“I do not have a particular shape like other things, but I dwell inside the hearts of people all over the world, including you! I can be the largest thing or even the smallest thing in this world. My goal is to concern myself with everything done in the names of peace and love. If you love me, then we can work together for a stronger future!”


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