Trick Art in Daegu

We found another trick art exhibit here in Daegu at EXCO, similar to the one I found in Seoul. We went with our friends Mihwa and Yeong Jung and had a blast taking ridiculous pictures!

The funniest part was when we came up to the building, we are with two Koreans so we are confident in where we are going. It looks like the back of the building where the delivery section should be. Mihwa asks the guy where to go, in the little booth thing, and he directs us to this grey door. We go in, freezing cold so why bother questioning it, and we are actually in the employee section of the EXCO. The funny part was us walking in, and having this glass office right next to us in which the security guys happen to turn as we walk through and don’t even see us! So what do we do? We take advantage of this rare delinquent moment and take a pic on this lil guy:


Pent up anger

On a magic carpet ride


At the Willy Wonka Factory