Funny story: I was teaching my students about Pi Day. We were talking about students in America and how they make pies and sell them at bake sales, which they don’t really have here. Then at the end of class I asked some follow-up questions.

The last question was “What kind of pie do you like?” And I got many answers like chocolate pie, apple pie, walnut pie. Finally as we were wrapping up, this teeny little girl raises her hand and very seriously says “Wai pie”. I was confused and kept saying what? and she kept repeating until slowly the other students understood what she said and started laughing.

At this point, I am the one looking lost at the Korean teacher, while she herself is trying to decipher what she meant. Finally she let’s out a loud laugh, and says to me “Wi-fi! Wi-fi, haha!”. This is super funny if you know that Koreans have a hard time pronouncing “f” so they will say “Wi-pi” for the wireless internet. What a nice witty surprise to end the day.


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