The Woman with 3 Birthdays

My friend at school revealed to me today that technically-ish she has 3 birthdays. Say what?? It took quite a long time for me to fully grasp what she meant. So her Western birthday, which most people go by on documents as well, is January 30th. Her Lunar birthday is around the same time but changes every year….so this year it was in March.

Then she said that officially her documents say her birthday is in April. …. What??? According to her, especially a long time ago, people would register their baby later than when they were born. I guess to see if the child lived? She even knew of someone who was registered 3 years after her birth! Say what?!

Now that’s just crazy. But knowing me? I would totally enjoy it. She celebrates her birthday with her family on her Lunar birthday and then her friends celebrate her “official” birthday in April. Jealous!


1 thought on “The Woman with 3 Birthdays

  1. This happened to my sister (adopted from Korea)! Her birth date is registered as August 8th, but so is the birth date of two of her siblings, so we know that it’s highly unlikely that that’s her actual birth date. We have no clue when her birthday truly is; we should probably let her celebrate thrice as well!

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