Big Spender

I bumped into Toni one weekday as I was galavanting through Downtown, and within a few seconds I was entangled into a singing dance number for the upcoming Daegu Theater Troupe event, whom you recalled I had previously dabbled in the arts with for a Midnight Mystery event.

Caberet-stylized, we sang acapella and danced the number after a meer two weeks of practicing. Haven’t sung since highschool so I was nervous about that whole part considering the place is cozy and people are close up on the action. The night was a blast, I love the creative minds that surround me and being able to just run wild with creativity here. Viva la vida artistica!

The moral support, especially BFF Jodes.

Thanks to Toni, I got a chance to perform again, and sing some lovely ladies the song “Big Spender” from the Broadway musical “Sweet Charity”.

The show is about Charity who works at a dance club where she has seen only the dark side of life through bad relationships. Thus we need to look bad-ass for the “official” photo I made. Heehee ^__^ And I leave with you the official movie clip of the song.