Chica Vs. Food: Healthy Donuts?!

The victims

The aftermath
 Spinach Donut:
Sweet Potato Donut:
Tomato and Garlic Donut:
Choco-holic Donut:
Heart-Shaped Cream and Raspberry Jelly Donut:

A Visit from Taiwan!

Ann came to visit from Taiwan where she has been teaching for three years. We met in college oh so way back and we thought, hey we are in the same continent! So she came over for a weekend which was jammed packed with awesomeness. Even though I was really sick, and got to wear the face mask thing, we still had a wonderful time showing her Daegu.

Welcome to Daegu!

At the Nampyeong Moon Clan Residence

At the National Geographics exhibit at the Daegu National Museum
My favorite National Geographics picture
yum duck!
Being massively sick on a busy weekend did NOT stop me!


Blossoms in the park