A Visit from Taiwan!

Ann came to visit from Taiwan where she has been teaching for three years. We met in college oh so way back and we thought, hey we are in the same continent! So she came over for a weekend which was jammed packed with awesomeness. Even though I was really sick, and got to wear the face mask thing, we still had a wonderful time showing her Daegu.

Welcome to Daegu!

At the Nampyeong Moon Clan Residence

At the National Geographics exhibit at the Daegu National Museum
My favorite National Geographics picture
yum duck!
Being massively sick on a busy weekend did NOT stop me!


Blossoms in the park


6 thoughts on “A Visit from Taiwan!

  1. Hi Alex, I’m so happy to hear you are having lots of fun, working and getting to hang out with long time friends. You look great! Take care, lots of love: tia Tita

  2. It was so great you both were able to get together with Ann. I bet it was just like hanging out together in college. What are the chances that you and Jodi are halfway around the world and she is still close enough to visit you? Was that Jodi RUNNING in the beginning of the video?? I had to rewind it a couple of times to be sure it was her and not a stunt double or something. Was she really running or you did you just speed up the tape to make us think she could really RUN like that!! I haven’t seen her run like that since she was 12 and played softball, before she broke her ankle and had to have reconstructive surgery and titanium pins put in!!! LOL

  3. Debbie- Aka mom- That is RIDICULOUS. Ha no it’s true. I did run that fast.. but that’s because I haven’t seen Ann in like 100 years! 🙂 And thanks for the lowdown on my ankle surgery. Hahaha. 🙂

  4. PS- Alex. I look crazy terrible in this ENTIRE video thanks to my hair looking HORRENDOUS!!! I’m so glad it’s getting warmer and I can wear normal clothes and not these huge ugly clothes. And thank God I’m losing weight because that chubby face has GOT to go!

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