Chica Vs. Food: Healthy Donuts?!

The victims

The aftermath
 Spinach Donut:
Sweet Potato Donut:
Tomato and Garlic Donut:
Choco-holic Donut:
Heart-Shaped Cream and Raspberry Jelly Donut:

3 thoughts on “Chica Vs. Food: Healthy Donuts?!

  1. One of my classmates and I were both from the MidWest where Dunkin Donuts is on every corner. But in California there are none around. When we went to visit Taiwan we were so excited when we found a Dunkin Donuts and basically told all our classmates they had to eat there. And while they were OK, there was definitely a bit of a difference with the donuts we had come to know and love from home. 🙂

  2. I guess with those kinds of “donuts” it makes it easier to stay on a diet. Not very tempting to go off your diet like the chocolate or white cream filled Dunkin Donuts from New Jersey. Must have lost something in the translation of the recipe into Korean! Can’t see someone at home craving a spinach or tomato donut (or creampuff)and running out to the store to get some!!! Maybe that’s why the Korean’s are much thinner than Americans!!

    • Sadly no seeing as they eat three times as much as we do! I don’t understand it! I eat like an anorexic compared to them….they worry about it all the time lol

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