Some Daegu Nightlife

Of course Korea is a blend of traditional and modern. By day we walked through temples, ate pajeon, and lounged under the short-lived cherry blossoms. By night? I introduced her to the typical Korean night out, a time when people wind down and forget about work. They work hard so they play hard. David and Jinju started one of our nights with their home-made soju jello-shots. Then we headed to Makgeolli (막걸리) 3000, an awesome typical Korean hof (bar). Highlight of the night was trying Beondegi, steamed silkworms! But more on that on the next post. 

Right after eating Beondegi


3 thoughts on “Some Daegu Nightlife

  1. Hey my name is Ruanni, I’m going down to Daegu for 2 days next week with my indoor soccer team to compete in a nation wide tournament, and I was wondering if there is any Mexican restaurants you have come across? I was looking for a tourist web site and your blog popped up so it would be helpful if you could answer my question.

    • Hey Ruanni, I hope you enjoy Daegu when you get here ^_^ Mexican is always pretty hard to find here in Korea, and when you do it can be a bit disappointing. So in regards to Mexican, I always set the bar low before going so I can be pleasantly surprised if something turns up.

      There is a place downtown called Caliente, near the Samdoek Firestation. It has great chimichangas, and nachos and cheese. Only place that you can get mojitos really.. so it’s pretty sweet, plus it has awesome music that unfortunately no one dances to.

      For an awesome map of downtown, check out our city’s English magazine. They have maps at the end of the book.

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