A Korean Cinderella…. I think

Cinderella, or as they pronounce it here as Shinderella (신데렐라) is a pretty popular story right? As an exercise, I made my student dictate to me the story of Cinderella. I transcribed and then we would check for errors. And here is what came of it:

Miss Alex: Are you sure this is the Cinderella story?

Student: Yes, Korean Shinderella. 

Miss Alex: What?? How can there be a NEW Cinderella? Cinderella is her name! 

Student: …… Shinderella Junior. 


Rice Cakes and Teeth

I was talking to one of my students about the new braces she was sporting, which she seemed uncomfortable to have. Her mom is a dentist’s assistant so the conversation further went on about how, according to this child, getting your wisdom teeth pulled does not hurt. Umm, come again?? 

AND on top of that, according to her story which I’m not sure how much leg pulling she was doing, her wisdom tooth hadn’t even come out yet! So I had her literally draw this picture for me until  I could see that yes her tooth had still been inside but had the potential to grow underneath the next tooth over, and thus the decision to extract it. She said she was able to eat solid food after two days. 

Is something wrong with the dentists back home??? Well I will have to further explore this when I have to go get ALL 4 wisdom teeth pulled. Sigh, it will be a terrible time – – the wisdom tooth diet. 

Anyways, as we were chatting, I decided to pull out the rice cakes my school had given all the teachers. As I offered it to her, she bursts out in this giggly naive voice, “Teeth!”. I stared at her flabbergasted for a while and then burst into laughter as I realized how appropriate these rice cakes were for the occasion. 

(Interesting fact for the day: These rice cakes are wrapped in persimmon leaves to keep them fresh and from sticking to one another.)

Rice Cakes aka Teeth

My K-Pop Addiction: 2ne1


K-Pop can be addictive. You have no idea what you are saying half the time and the other half you are shouting to the random English words put together in the song. Sometimes half-hazardously and the other times, well it’s magic. I won’t go into depth about all this though, the guy’s over at Eatyourkimchi have got K-Pop down to a T. All I know is that people are really starting to love K-Pop. Here’s a map to prove it:


Come along with me to the wonderful world of 2ne1. I don’t exactly know when I fell in love with them, but let me tell you, almost every big song that came out is chocolate to my soul. And knowing me, that is saying something. They emerged a few years ago, 2009, as a response to Big Bang (an all male group that is BIG here). They were to be the female counterpart. They are edgy, addictive and most importantly have music that can translate to the American market.

The thing with a lot of these K-Pop groups is that they consists of too many members. Big hits here like Super Junior and Girl’s Generation would just not translate into the American market. We like individuality, thus we easily fell for such acts as the Spice girls, and this gets lost in the numerous amounts of people in a group. No lie, there is a group in Japan that has 48 members and has the Guinness World Record for it. What the?? Now with 2ne1, 4 girls with 4 distinct personalities. Their sound transcends genres and styles. But I will let the music speak for itself. 

Quick Facts

  • The group’s name 2NE1 stands for “New Evolution of the 21st Century”.
  • Fans of 2NE1 call themselves “Blackjacks”, a reference to the card game Blackjack. (Why they have names, like Lady Gaga fans is beyond me. Sigh I can’t say much, I was a self proclaimed Renthead).
  • They have their own reality TV show, 2en1 TV, and it is headed into its 3rd season.
  • Music is a mix of pop, hip-hop, and at times reggae
  • They have 3 main albums out
  • My favorite is CL, love her tough style and her voice and rapping is awesome


The main reason I am writing this is because of the news I heard that will.i.am is collaborating with them to release (FINALLY) an English album in America. The main reason that K-Pop is becoming so popular is not surprising due to its hit online. JoongAng reports that he was interested in working with them after spotting them on Youtube. As Soompi reports, 

“Ooh. K-pop. You want to talk about technology? The Koreans, in South Korea… that’s the future,” he said. “South Korea, boom. On the next level. Go check it out. K-Pop, that industry is exciting. 2NE1, that’s why I signed those girls and am producing them, to blow them up outside of Korea. 2NE1 has to be big in Brazil, America, England, Canada, Australia, everywhere. That’s my next project after ‘i am FIRST’.”


I leave you with one last video. This is pretty brand new, and pretty much sums it up. It’s called, “I am the Best”. I love the intro. Check it out and let me know what you think ♥

Dear Students: Online Translators

Dear Students,

Please, please x 1,000 DO NOT use online translators. I am better off guessing what you are saying from the English you do know. And you do know more than you give yourself credit for. I know you are told time and time again to be the best that you can be, but don’t let that deter you from realizing how much you’ve learned so far. Don’t fear failure.

Instead fear Miss Alex when she looks at your translated document and either scrunches her face in confusion and yells at you with “Monde!” (몬데!  aka What is that?!). Not only do I get my point across with that one, but the look of surprise on your face due to the fact that I know Korean slang is pretty much priceless. 

Or in this case, as you were trying to finish your newspaper article and decided to do the unforgivable, Miss Alex could only laugh and take a picture. You got off easy this time. Because seriously, what online translator did you use that came up with eating dragons and children?


Miss Alex

An Orange Jello Dessert Recipe Gone Wrong

PS- Spit should be nowhere near a recipe. Thanks.