Gettin’ Our Hair Did

The BFF and I headed downtown on a mission to get our first official haircuts in Korea. I had been starting to feel like I could use my hair as a weapon. You remember Sindel from Mortal Kombat? She could kill you by just dancing to “I Whip my Hair Back and Forth” (which btw is an embarrassingly catchy song). Now, yes we have been here a year, but again I’m from NYC. Getting a haircut is a risky move:

1) It is like a surprise attack and suddenly you are down a $100. Do you know how much they charge for hair this length!?

2) You don’t know if that hairdresser is gonna have a Brittany Spears freak out on your hair. Lady, when I said I wanted this much cut off, it wasn’t an estimate!

I was traumatized as a child. Ask Chris, my childhood amigo, and he’ll tell you to this day that his nickname for me is Mushroom Head. Enough said. 

So again, I tend to avoid the salons as much as possible. But the mane has gotten too long and for the play I’ll be doing next week, a haircut was badly needed. Thankfully our friend recommended someone to us. Jiwon spoke English and even escorted us to the salon. I felt terrible that they had to deal with two unruly heads. The poor guy who was combing through my hair didn’t even know what to make of it.

It was a beautiful place, I felt like a real star walking in and being offered coffee, having my coat and purse taken and put away for me. Yep, star treatment is niiiiiice. All of this for $15. Come again? Yep, 15. Clearly they don’t charge by the length of your hair. Here is the end result, and sadly it will never look this good again:

You like it, ma?


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