Asia Song Festival 2011

The chingus and I got free tickets to see the 2011 Asia Song Festival. The perks of being a native English teacher here heehee. Started in 2004, the festival brings together artists from various Asian countries. Here are the artists for this years festival:

Matt, Jodi and I trekked to Daegu Stadium where it was being held. It was a nice surprise to see that we had VIP seats. All the foreigners made their way to the front of the stage. Which is nice, but true K pop fans would have been fun to be around seeing as they are hardcore about their singers. There was actual color coding going on, so the fans of each group sat together with the same colors and lights. Hardcore dude. My favorites were Miss A (cause I knew their songs), Bibi Chou and Perfume. The pro-fesh pics were taken from Soompi.

The concert was fun…..until it started to pour. I was freeeeeeeeeezing and suddenly being VIP wasn’t as great haha . But thankfully we had umbrellas. By the end, considering it was like 5 hours long, I was too cold and tired to stay for Super Junior. Which would be considered a blasphemy to my students, who by the way, I ended up bumping into on various occasions there. Imagine it starts to pour and all you want to do is hide underneath your umbrella….and suddenly two screaming girls are running at you with “Miss Alex! Miss Alex! Help me!!”. And so goes the story. It took forever to get home, I was about to hitchhike but thankfully the BFF is ruthless when it comes to hailing taxis. Anyways, pop concerts are fun. The end ^^ 

Bibi Chou @ the Asia Song Festival

Perfume @ the Asia Song Festival 2011


Shellfish in Gumi

The chingus and I headed out to Gumi so that we could surprise Jinju who had recently moved. We went to surprise her at work, David was able to get this AMAZING blueberry cheesecake from one of the best pie makers (is that what you call them?) in Daegu. Jinju was going to stay late at work but we ganged up on her with cheesecake goodness and our joy ^^


We headed out to a seafood place where we had an array of fresh shellfish (모듬조개구이) and by fresh I mean it was still moving as we were cooking it. I’m not a huge shellfish person, but I could appreciate how amazing this whole thing was. Plus you can never go wrong when you add cheese to something. Cheese melted on top of this huge shell, I don’t even know what it’s called. It looks like the alien from “Independence Day”, eew: