POTD #5: Patient on the Loose

A hospital patient with a back brace takes a break to do some shopping. Patients chillin’ outside of hospitals in their hospital gowns are a common occurrence here. Why can’t we be more chill like ’em?


Foods I Miss in America

I was thinking the other day on my trip back home to America. I basically had Mexican food the whole time there, gorging on what I had missed the most. Currently, what I wish was inside my fridge (besides my mama’s home cooking of course):
  • Cilantro – hard to find and makes me drool. The Quiznos has it and I am sure to ask form, “Mani Shilantro!!” when I order.
  • Thick, creamy Yogurt …seriously Korea has only the watery or drinkable kind.

  • One WordChipotle

  • An Actual Dessert Menu….Coffee and Tea are NOT desserts!

  • American-Style Sushi….. like the Philadelphia rolls

  • Fresh salads with appropriate dressing….. somehow this can be a tricky thing to find here. I would like an un-drenched salad please!