Doraji (도라지)

A Medicinal Root

Finally found out exactly what my Traditional Korean Medicine doctor gave me because really it was a bit strange taking something I had no idea what it was. I was given Doraji (도라지) tea, taken from the root (radix platycodi) from the Balloon Flower. It is also known as the Chinese Bellflower or Platycodon grandiflorus. It has anti – inflammatory properties, and let me tell you, by the second cup I felt better from the THREE week sore throat I had. 

And A Folksong too!

The Doraji song originated in North Korea. It is the second most popular folk song in Korea, after  Arirang

  • (1절) 도라지 도라지 도라지 심심산천의 도라지  한두 뿌리만 캐어도 대바구니로 반실만 되누나 (후렴) 에헤요 에헤요 에헤애야 어여라난다 지화자 좋다 저기 저 산 밑에 도라지가 한들한들
Doraji, doraji, doraji! I walk over the pass where doraji flowers bloom. It is a path that is familiar to me. Hey-ya, hey!
  • (2절) 도라지 도라지 도라지 은율(殷栗)  금산포(金山浦) 백도라지 한 뿌리 두 뿌리 받으니 산골에 도라지 풍년일세
Doraji, doraji, doraji! I look at these while flowers that remind me of my mother, in the evening with the twinkling stars. Hey-ya-hei!
  • (3절) 도라지 도라지 도라지 강원도 금강산 백도라지  도라지 캐는 아가씨들 손맵시도 멋들어졌네
Doraji, doraji, doraji! When I wear these white flowers on my hair, it remind me of my young days and my dreams. Hey-ya, hey!
Here is American born Diva Rose Jang singing Doraji in both Korean and English:
and a German Boy’s Choir singing it, it kinda gave me chills: 

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