Blueberry Milk, Love and Choco pies

Oh, you funny student

As I was snacking at work yesterday and talking to a student, I couldn’t help but laugh out loud as I realized what exactly my blueberry milk said:

Do you want to find someone to fall in love with? We will be happy when you start your love through drinking Blueberry Milk! Nunblue! Masblue! Let's Enjoy!

My student also thought it ridiculous how random products have things about love written on it. “I found insecticide…insect said, ‘If you want love, buy me’. So strange teacher!” I could only agree and think, well even they think it’s odd. We continued to have a rather intellectual conversation about love and Korean culture which ended like this: 

What’s a Chocopie?

Don’t know a choco pie? It is just the staple snack here. It is similar to a Moon Pie, with marshmellow in the middle of two biscuits and dipped in chocolate. In South Korea, Choco Pie is associated with Jeong (情), which indicates closeness among people in Korea. Its advertisements emphasise the relationship between family members and friends, and its jingle is widely known. North Korean workers even smuggle them out of the Kaesong Industrial Complex, a joint venture by South Korean and North Korea, that Pyongyang wants their distribution stopped. Here are some interesting articles on that. [1 and 2]

My students made me a whole choco pie cake plate with candles on top for Teacher’s Day last year ^_^.


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