A Week in Photos #3

My bus ride was made so much better when I spotted this little boy “helping” take weight off her hands. He is so adorable! 

I got a nice surprise in the package my mom was sending me. As I opened it I thought, “What the…????” and had to laugh. My poor mother knew I had been so sick and decided to send me some tea. How that went through customs with no inspection is beyond me hahaha. 
 For three days I interviewed my freaked out students for a summer program where they have a change to be volunteer translators. They were so cute!

Had some of the best Thai so far in Korea. Drool … they make an excellent non-alcoholic mojito. Funny thing is, they double checked that we understood it had no alcohol. “Yes, I am aware most foreigners like to drink a lot. But yes, I will still enjoy this mocktail.” 

Matt always meets interesting people. This time it was a random grandmother sitting next to him who proceeded to tutor him on our train to Seoul once she saw him take out his Korean Language books. See what happens when a foreigner looks like they really want to immerse themselves in a culture? People reach out and connections are made. 

We went to Nami Island, near Seoul. A magical island.. promoted as a fairy tale of a place. ^_^

Play practice was extra awesome this week because I got to meet Koda. Rach and Simon adopted him the day prior. He is so freaken cute!

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