Latin Flavor’s First Latin Party!

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As they say, “No pain, no gain”. We got our butts kicked with this dance. Matt and I especially, who were newbies in a way, started off in such a rough spot. I was absolutely amazed how in a few short weeks Matt, who had never taken salsa before, pushed himself and ended up looking the way he did. Dave, who didn’t know NY style salsa but was good at picking things up quickly, was a life saver who we depended on to help us practice off the salsa floor. 

Throwing a party as Latin Flavor was awesome. These people are passionate about the group, and the party was so beyond our expectations. Around 120 showed up, I think the biggest foreign based salsa party. 

The best was having people from my church come and volunteer to help with the fundraising that we were doing for Not for Sale. Read the previous post to learn a bit more about this anti-human trafficking group. 

The first dance is the salsa song I’m in and the second is the awesome sexy bachata song the others in our team did. Enjoy! ^_^

Sonora Carruseles – El Gato Boogaloo

Toby Love – Tengo Un Amor


2 thoughts on “Latin Flavor’s First Latin Party!

  1. Ale, you and the whole Salsa/Bachata team had a KICK-ASS performance @ Club Babalu…and it went for a great cause!

    P.S. I’m using one of your pictures for FB…<3 ya!

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