A Week in Photos #4

This past week started off beautifully, so much so it felt like summer….and you know what that meaaans! Ice cream season!! Woooooohoooo! Best of all, these scrumptiliumptions popsicles go for as little as 50 cents. Word yo, as it should be. 
It’s been nice to walk around and enjoy the weather and the smell of grass and flowers all around. The river next to my apartment has become a sanctuary. 

Korea is so …cute! Can’t help but take pictures of the little details. They love to love here. Sometimes it makes you gag…and other times you just want to smile and join in the cheesyness. 

Other times you stop and stare in confusion and think, “Did they really mean to name this cafe in such a backwards way? Or were they trying to be clever?” …. I’ll let you decide. 

This isn’t being clever … I hope. To have a stuffed animal made after an alcoholic beverage is either brilliant in a sort of evil way (see example here), or shows how puritanical us Americans are to alcohol. They must laugh at our bootleggin’ days. 


So aside from being incredibly brilliant in their business skills, maybe it’s Korea or the fact that 20 years have gone by, but I was shocked to find an old classic toy had been revamped. Remember when all you needed was patience and an imagination to make a dinosaur? Now it also comes with a battery pack to make it roar in your face. Sweeeeeeeet! 

Had a great time attending Mansell’s birthday pajama party 🙂 We watched a movie from the year he was born then headed out to watch an awesome band play at Urban. Live music….loved it. 

I’ve been pretty tired lately from work, theater practice, theater web stuff, training for a run, dance and the various etc.’s in my 
life. So using my random Korean word skills, I’ve come up with my slogan that I can pretty much use daily nowadays: 
오늘 많이 피곤해요 그래서 좀비예요 왜냐하면 뇌 없어요
Today I am really tired so I am a zombie because I have no brain. 
You should see the looks I get from people LOL.