Yeon Jung Getting Married

My good friend Yeon Jung got married this past June 2nd. It was such a great day ^^ I was so thrilled to be attending. She looked amazing and moreover, I was just happy to see this wonderful story starting a new chapter. 

It was a Korean style wedding hall, with the bride taking pictures in an alcove while friends and family gathered and waited for the ceremony to start. 

Dave, Matt and I had joked to Yeon Jung about starting a band one night. We asked her to suggest a name and she said, “Why not D.A.M.?” Eventually she approached us and asked if D.A.M. could perform for her wedding. Eeek! 

We are for hire … lol just kidding ..seriously we would do it for free .. or maybe for food. ^_^ 

The newlyweds, Sung Ho & Yeon Jung, in their traditional hanboks.

Here is a wee bit of what we sang. Hopefully we will see the final video soon:


A Korean Piggy to Inspire Me

As I had a moment today in class that had me giggling and correcting my student’s work, I realized something that had been on my mind lately. Here is what happened: 

So here it is, a moment where I can see how effective and important it is to learn conversational English and really just how important these beginning-of-the-class warm-ups are. And sometimes out of these moments it is when my students learn the most important English – the kind they would actually use in every day life. And how much of my every day conversational Korean is so limited? A big chunk of it. The most effective I ever was, was when I started tweeting every day happenings in Korean and I started keeping a simple journal of what I did that day. It was the most effective at having me practice my sentence formation and the vocabulary that actually mattered to my every day life. 
As I finished my Korean class this past Tuesday, I realized how much more ahead I really should be. I’ve been pretty lazy lately. So seeing my student’s work I realized how much more conversational I should be in this language I’ve been surrounded in for the past 2 years. Researching what 곱창 was for my student, I came upon CNN’s 5 Korean ways to eat a pig, and as I stared at that article it struck my how I’ve been picking at my Korean pig this whole time, not using fully what was before me. So I need to practice more … and I just need to milk it for what it’s worth. Or in this case … use every lil bit of that piggy ^_^.