Yeon Jung Getting Married

My good friend Yeon Jung got married this past June 2nd. It was such a great day ^^ I was so thrilled to be attending. She looked amazing and moreover, I was just happy to see this wonderful story starting a new chapter. 

It was a Korean style wedding hall, with the bride taking pictures in an alcove while friends and family gathered and waited for the ceremony to start. 

Dave, Matt and I had joked to Yeon Jung about starting a band one night. We asked her to suggest a name and she said, “Why not D.A.M.?” Eventually she approached us and asked if D.A.M. could perform for her wedding. Eeek! 

We are for hire … lol just kidding ..seriously we would do it for free .. or maybe for food. ^_^ 

The newlyweds, Sung Ho & Yeon Jung, in their traditional hanboks.

Here is a wee bit of what we sang. Hopefully we will see the final video soon:


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