Alice in My Brain

I’ve had Alice in Wonderland in my brain lately …here’s why: 

My First Alice Experience

I’ve been a fan of Alice for a while now… I think it started when a friend told me how she loved it and at the time I was reading it during one of my English classes at Uni. It’s such a funky little story … and I love when literature can be dissected to be this deep philosophical thing or just be an amusing story to pass the time.
The first time I dressed up as Alice was for Halloween the year the Johnny Depp version came out. It wasn’t necessarily because of the movie that I dressed up, but mostly because it was the same year I had fallen for the story. I dragged my friends and siblings into it, and we were cast as different characters. I was Alice, my sister the Red Queen, Franky as the Rabbit, my brother as the Mad Hatter and Jodi as the Chesire Cat. I took the girls to a brunch, a favorite place of mine called “Alice’s Tea Cup“. It is included in my places to go in NYC, so go check it out if you are ever there. We went in and the worker at the tea shop who happened to be dressed up as Luigi from Mario looked at me and cried, “Alice! It’s been so long since you came by!” and immediately I like a crazy drama freak, went into character and said, ” I thought I stop by and treat the Queen to some tea”. My sister was a pretty good queen, surly and acted like everything was beneath her haha. A little girl was there with her father, dressed as Cleopatra. Her eyes lit up and she said, ‘Alice!’. I greeted her in return and felt like a Disney Princess at Disney World. 

At “Alice’s Tea Cup”

My mom and I made my outfit!

Alice in Wonderland Camp

Fast forward to this past summer, I was wracking my brain trying to think of a fun theme for my summer English Camp. My winter English Camp is always fun because I do a Harry Potter Wizard Camp. Now you can’t go wrong with that, since then i felt like a set a high standard as my students keep asking me “Harry Potter summer camp??!” and I have to say no. Mostly because I don’t want to get bored using the same lessons. And a wizard cape works best in the winter 😉 Then a student, who must have just read the book said “Alice in Wonderland!” when I asked her for an idea. I didn’t even need to mull it over. It was a done deal:

Pin the Tail on the Chesire Cat

Decorate a Cake Contest

Our own version of croquet

Paint the Roses Red Race

The Team of Clubs doing a Story Activity

For the lessons, check out the Lessons page.

Alice in America-land in Daegu

This November the Daegu Theater Troupe will be presenting “Alice in America-Land” or “Through the Picture Tube and What Alice Found There” by Dennis Snee. It’s a twist on the original story, Alice doesn’t fall through a rabbit hole. Instead she goes through a TV and finds herself in a strange world of the corporate world. I was cast as Alice so I’m excited to be part of this bizarre world and mostly excited to be putting on the biggest and most complex show the Daegu Theater has put to date. We are getting funded by the city of Daegu thanks to the work of the Daegu YMCA. This is gonna be awesome! 


My Friends are Creative

My friends, Jarrod Clegg and Eddie Pailet from The Daegu Theatre Troupe, made an epic music video that showcases our beautiful city of Daegu. Check it out: