A Week in Photos #8


Pimped out cat in a tattoo shop in Downtown Daegu. Daaaang he got style! Purple wings?! Wow that is amazing! 
 Cutest dog I have ever seen!

Even dogs need to Gangnam Style lol. 

This breaks my heart a little. This is actually my friend Chris’ picture. He teaches at an elementary school and this random Monday, like 5 of his students brought chicks in a cup into his classroom. He was confused and found out that apparently this was this old guy selling them for like 90 cents outside of the school! And OBVIOUSLY these chicks don’t last long, just look at it! It looks so miserable ;(


The view from the teacher’s lounge. The colors in autumn are so beautiful! I enjoy the view while drinking the citron tea you see in the pic. 

The ginkgo tree outside of Camp Walker (the American military base near my school). This trees are so beautiful right now! 

Bits of pink also pepper the fall.

I love that there are roses out in the midst of autumn and ginkgo trees and pine trees!

The red and yellows just stand out so much!

Around Daegu

Beautiful temple near Downtown Daegu

Instead of selling chicks in front of my school  [-_-], this lady is selling cotton candy ( a nicer alternative).
My Pepero stash! Oooooo yuuuuummmmm! Thank you for the Pepero ♥

Had to say goodbye to Patricia who headed home after being here for a year. Aww this is her on the way to Incheon airport. ;(

The remnants of another Pepero Day. 

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