What will 2013 Look Like?

2013 Korea

Things changing this year in Korea

  • Starting in July, there will be no smoking allowed in PC bangs!
  • The age of becoming a legal adult will change: 19 year olds are adults and thus will be drinking it up!  (Korean age, aka 18 by our standards)
  • Korean Day will “REbecome” a holiday from 2013. The 9th of October is Korean day, celebrating the creation of the written language.
  • Restaurants, cafes, and hair shops will have to post their menus, items, and services with the prices outside on the storefront.
  • Minimum wage will increase from 4,580 won ($4.30)  per hour but it will be 4,860 won ($4.58).
  • Free wifi zones will be doubled!
  •  TV will go completely digital!  Goodbye Analog TV (✿◠‿◠)

courtesy of SunnySmartShopping


My goals for this year

  • Get super savvy with Photoshop
  • Write 3 short stories
  • Get up to Level 7 in Talk to Me in Korean
  • Make at least 3 videos per month