DGFEZ – Seomun Market 서문시장


I got a chance to work in DGFEZ(Daegu Gyeongbuk Free Economic Zone 대구경북경제자유구역청) again, and we headed to Seomun Market, one of the most interesting places in Daegu. I got to work with Matt, which is always a blast.

Seomun Market is the largest Korean traditional market in Daegu, South Korea, containing more than 4,000 shops. Seomun Market is particularly known as a source for textiles and sewing services, a key ingredient of Daegu’s fashion industry. The name “Seomun” means “west gate,” and refers to the location of the market just outside the old west gate of Daegu Fortress, demolished in the early 1900’s. It is also one of the country’s oldest markets, dating to a 5-day market held in the area in the late Joseon Dynasty. In the final years of Joseon, Seomun market was one of the country’s three largest markets. [Wiki]

Seomun Market 서문시장 1920~ Source

Seomun Market MapSource

District 1

  • 1st floor: Linen and cotton, silk, dyed fabric, curtains, blankets, nylon, synthetic fabric.
  • 2nd floor: Silk, linen, and cotton, hanbok fabric, bedding.

District 2

  • Basement: Seafood, seafood restaurants, traditional wedding food, ddeok, banchan, clothing.
  • 1st floor: Bowls and dishes, mats, towels, underwear, clothes, footwear, butchers, blankets, ginseng, teas.
  • 2nd floor: Lingerie, lace, knits, socks, blankets, towels, sweaters, sportswear.
  • 3rd floor: Textiles for dresses and suits, denim, corduroy, velvet.

Dried Fish/Seafood Shopping District

  • Dried seafood, octopus, shrimp, Alaskan pollack, squid, seaweed.

District 4

  • 1st floor: Textiles for suits and dresses, women’s wear, men’s wear, mirrors, clocks, imported goods, baby products.
  • 2nd floor: Textiles for suits, blankets, socks, towels, women’s wear.
  • 3rd floor: Men’s wear, women’s wear, swimming suits, casual wear, T-shirts, dress shirts, brand name products, leather goods, children’s clothes.

District 5

  • 1st floor: Tableware, ceramics, plastic goods, utensils, tables.
  • 2nd floor: Men’s and women’s wear, designer clothes.

Dongsan Clothing Wholesale Market

  • Basement: Tableware, kitchenware, cleaning goods.
  • 1st floor: Men’s and women’s wear, lingerie, toys, carpets, footwear, maternity wear.
  • 2nd floor: Men’s and women’s wear, children’s wear.
  • 3rd floor: Men’s and women’s wear, bags, fur, brand name clothes.

3 thoughts on “DGFEZ – Seomun Market 서문시장

  1. You guys are adorable, I’m loving the music selection as well! Haha. I didn’t know that about the flat dumplings. I had never seen those before in Seoul but I got some bibimbap mandu the other day and the dumplings came like that, I thought it was a bit strange, thanks for the explanation! 🙂

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