A Gyeongju Day in Spring

Last week my friends went on a last hurrah trip to the beautiful city of Gyeongju (same place I’ll be doing my race in next week). Laura and Analie left Korea this past weekend, so it was a last epic trip with them. Plus it’s spring, the cherry blossoms were starting to blossom and we wanted to ride some scooters. The trip in summary:

  • Matt forgot his licence before getting on the bus so he had to take a different bus while we waited at a cafe in Gyeongju for him.
  • Far from where we rented the scooters (aka the bus station), Analie got a flat tire.
  • Waited for 2 hours, while they arguably did the worst job in getting that tire fixed, then replaced the whole bike with another after pushing for the guy to come to us and stop wasting our time.
  • Had an amazing lunch of tteokgalbi  떡갈비, and got filmed and interviewed by a TV station crew.
  • Went to a traditional festival near downtown, and found Yujeong’s friend who works at SBS and got filmed again!
  • Matt and Laura were interviewed by a reporter.
  • Yujeong haggled with the ajossi until Analie got her $5 back that she paid for, trying to get the scooter fixed by owner’s friend.

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