The Amazons Invade a Toga Party

A Bright Idea

About 2 months ago, a couple of theater friends of mine (of course they are theater people lol) had the idea to throw a Toga Party in Downtown Daegu. Now our friend Nick is known for putting a spin on these kinds of things. He approached us with the idea to dress up as Amazons and invade the party. 

Of course, busy schedules and all, we left the costume making till the last-minute. The lead Amazon, Una, is amazing at sewing and costume making. She headed to Seomun market to buy material and scraps. As many of you recall, Seomun Market is famous for its fabrics and is also pretty cheap. 

So for a few hours, we were outside in the parking lot, hammering holes into this pleather material we bought. It was a lot of work, but the end result was pretty good. I was really impressed that we were able to look like an awesome pack of warrior women!

2013-04-20 16.24.52

I think the whole neighborhood can hear us

Toga Parties

Angled cement beds from Pompeii

Angled cement beds from Pompeii

The Greeks had parties that were male-only. It was filled with elite men who reclined and propped themselves on pillows in order to drink, chat and over indulge.  For the Romans,  they also included upper class women in the soiree. 

Straight from Wiki, here are some more facts:


animal house

  • The first recorded college student toga party was in 1953, when Pomona College students wore togas and ivy wreaths, and brought their dorm mattresses to freshman Mark Neuman’s home.
  • The Guinness World Record for the largest toga party is 3,700 participants.

Toga Daegu Style! 

Birthday Toga Party

The birthday boys looked like emperors~

Amazons and Ares - Costumes

Amazons and Ares

Toga Party

The beautiful goddess Laura~


Close-up of my Princess Mononoke inspired make-up