And the sky burned

It was the strangest sunset.
Daegu South Korea Sunset 1

A rainbow cut faintly through the sky…
Daegu South Korea Sunset 2

and I felt like I was in a dream.
Daegu South Korea Sunset 3

This world was so vivid and strong, like a painting that had been set aflame. Daegu South Korea Sunset 4

It felt like it was a message to me alone. Daegu South Korea Sunset 5

To get up, to wake up and just live. Daegu South Korea Sunset 6


Rainy Day River Walk

Downtown Daegu - Rain

A faint rainbow in the background ❤

Analie and I decided to go watch a Samsung Lions game. Baseball games in Korea are just so awesome! Unfortunately, it got rained out. The silver lining (pun intended ಠ◡ಠ) was that it turned out to be a beautiful aftermath of a storm – rainbows, ducks and cranes galore! It was a perfect river walk.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

Runoff water comes from street level and is dumped into the river.


Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

Unfortunately, some garbage gets thrown in as well.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

The water was amazing to watch against a vibrant tumultuous sky.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea (Crane - 흰두루미)

Cranes are sometimes hard to spot on the river, but today they were everywhere.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

One of the best murals I’ve seen in Daegu. Daegu is known for it’s apples and beautiful women.

FrmKoreaWthLove – Podcast Episode 1

Podcast Ep. 1 Cover

So a while back, I got contacted by a blogger wanting some help with creating a hallyu blog. Out of that conversation, this podcast was made. Now, whether it will continue in the future depends on many things. Sit back, enjoy, be part of the conversation. If we do continue with the podcast, what other topics would you want to see? Leave a comment (◕‿◕✿) 


Westerners’ Misconceptions

1:02 Koreans love to drink

4:06 Koreans work too much! 

8:42 South Korea is not safe

Koreans’ Misconceptions

14:05 Westerners are individualistic 

21:56 Westerners can’t handle the heat! 

27:10 Western sexuality 

My EPIK Medical Check-Up

Medical Check Up in Korea - And this is the outfit I get, 대박!

Check-Up in Korea: And this is the outfit I get 대박!

Yesterday, I did my mandatory renewal medical checkup. I really like the new hospital my coworker recommended, she found the cheapest one and I got to travel to a new neighborhood and the whole experience felt like an upgrade . Look how comfy I look in those patient scrubs! (。◕‿◕。). Shop around for a hospital! The usual price for the exam is about $100! But you can find others for cheaper. Here is a list of things to expect on your visit:

  • Bring a 3 x 4 passport picture of yourself as well as your passport 
  • Weight and Height Measurements
  • Vision Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Colorblind Test
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Blood pressure Test
  • Chest X-Ray

Watch the video for my full thoughts on the whole thing, as well as how interesting I found it that the nurse did not use gloves when taking my blood! v( ‘.’ )v

The Assembly Line Waiting Room

The Convenient Assembly Line of Small Medical Rooms

Make note of the lack of gloves

Make note of the lack of gloves

Privacy is over rated, I'm use to this now. Camaraderie of suffering together!

Privacy is over rated, I’m use to this now. ‘Cause it’s about the camaraderie of suffering together!