Shopping Shenanigans

Here’s a random moment in my life. Eric had asked me to go along on his shopping endeavor in order to get that female POV. I suggested calling our good friend Willie, who is the master of style. Eric asked if he was willing to help him out and Willie was like “Sure, I use to be on a committee that advised people on professional dress and development”.  …. That did not surprise me…AT ALL.


“A furry collar on a men’s blazer!? Oh no they didn’t!”


5 thoughts on “Shopping Shenanigans

  1. Hey Alex!
    I found out about 30 minutes ago that I have been offered a 6 month English tutoring internship placement in South Korea at KNU. After some excited googling I came across your blog and saw that you are also living in Daegu! So, I was wondering if you had any tips or tricks for a new-comer such as myself? I’ve never travelled to South Korea before and am a little overwhelmed right now (in a good way…but also in a nervous way!). My first major thought was ‘holy jesus, but I don’t even speak Korean!’ (I’m from Australia) – followed by ‘oh my snows there!’ (again…i’m Australian). So any advice, however big or small, about the culture, the country itself, the people, the weather, living in Daegu etc etc would be greatly appreciated! Like I said, i’m Australian, 21 and female, so have all the usual concerns of a young woman travelling alone to a foreign place!
    Hope you’re having a fabulous time (from your blog, it definitely looks like you are!).

    • Hey Kim, Congrats! That’s so exciting. You are going to have an amazing time here. Korea is one of the safest places to travel so really there isn’t that big of a concern here. Will anyone be picking you up from the airport? Or helping you out the first few days? It be easier to answer your questions from an im or email. So feel free to email me at and we an chat from there.

  2. Hey Alex, I’m gonna be in Daegu for summer, and as I have a Korean citizenship, I don’t have to work or do something to get VISA, so my plan is to chill and take some good rest there. I don’t have any friends there, though, so I’m trying to find a way to meet new people.. Daegu isn’t Seoul, so it seems like it’s much harder to find an expat community. How did you start to meet other people in Daegu? From your job? And I’m more of an interovert animal, so I just can’t start a conversation out of the blue. (And people would think you’re mad if you do so in they city I live…)
    Much thx!

    • Hey ^_^ thats awesome that you will have the summer to enjoy. What are your interests? I could direct you from there. We are a pretty small enough expat group but with a variety of activities to be part of.

  3. I never knew this village existed. Couldn’t even find it on the map just now. Is it south…east? West? My 7-yr-old and I enjoyed the vid. I left Seoul when I was 4, haven’t been back since. He was fascinated w/ the torture tool LOL. Do you know whom it was for? Thieves? Captured enemies? Thanks for an informative post. You’re quite the adventurer.

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