About Daegu

Daegu (대구) is the capital and principle city of the surrounding province, Gyeongsangbuk-do, although it is not legally part of the province. As the third largest metropolitan city in Korea, Daegu is home to approximately 2.5 million people. Though a large city, it remains a warm friendly city to live in. You will hear the distinctive saturi (사투리), or regional dialect that is different from the Seoul Korean spoken in the north. The downtown area is centralized, becoming a familiar place to meet with friends and see familiar faces. Cute trendy boutiques and great places to eat, downtown also has the traditional medicinal market and other reasonably places to shop in. Daegu is the self-proclaimed fashion city, helped by its large textile industry. Mixes of modern and old fashion make this city an interesting place to explore. Nature and modernity collide, beautiful to look at as the buildings and towers glow above the 125 parks and gardens Daegu has. Surrounded by mountains that trap heat, Daegu has the record for being the hottest city in South Korea.

Its slogan is Colorful Daegu, a place to find a bit of everything. It is a central hub in South Korea, an easy middle ground between Seoul and Busan and the other surrounding sites. High-speed trains easily make weekend trips to different cities possible when you live in such a central hotspot. Not too big and not too small, Daegu is the perfect city to experience both worlds. 

Currently, as of September 2010, there are over 500 Native English Teachers (NETS) teaching in Daegu through EPIK.

Some videos promoting Daegu, in Korean, can be found here.

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4 thoughts on “About Daegu

  1. It’s a beautiful place when I stayed there I miss it a lot. Now I live in America its boring no cultures. I was suppose to go this summer but couldn’t not enough money and parents were worried

  2. I look forward to visiting my old home town next month. Went to Elementary school there before may family moved overseas. How is weather typically in May?

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