About Me

I am teaching for a year in Daegu, South Korea. I didn’t want to live in regret, so I left the job that was taking me nowhere and decided to go do something I love – working with children and travel the world.

My best friend Jodi decided this life was for her as well so we headed to  South Korea. I love experiencing new food, people and culture. But most of all, I love documenting it to show my friends and family back home.


True Joy of Life

This is the true joy of life.
The being used for a purpose
Recognized by yourself as a mighty one.
The being a force of nature
Instead of a feverish, selfish
Little clod of ailments and grievances
Complaining that the world will not
Devote itself to making you happy.
I am of the opinion that my life
Belongs to the whole community
And as long as I live,
It is my privilege to do for it
Whatever I can.
I want to be thoroughly
Used up when I die,
For the harder I work the more I live.
I rejoice in life for its own sake.
Life is no brief candle to me.
It is a sort of splendid torch
Which I’ve got hold of
For the moment
And I want to make it burn
As brightly as possible before
Handling it on to future generations.

-George Bernard Shaw


21 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Hi,

    I really like your blog!

    I wondered if you’d be interested in being featured on a Korean Travel Website? Here’s the link to it:


    We started the site as a pilot, with just Gangwon-do, but it’s been so successful that we’re launching version two really soon with information on the whole of Korea.

    We don’t have much information yet for Daegu, and we’d love to feature some information from you or your blog – we would link to you and hopefully increase traffic to your blog also… See http://www.thesouthkoreatravelguide.com/thesouthkoreatravelguide_contribute.html for details on what’s in it for you 🙂

    Hope you like the website! Look forward to hearing from you!

    Claire (site creator)

  2. Hola hija linda, nuestro amor esta a tu lado siempre, no importa la distancia y el tiempo, te extranamos mucho, pero al mismo tiempo nos sentimos muy orgullosos de ti, de todo lo que estas haciendo por la vida, sabemos que disfrutas de lo que haces; felicidades por tu pagina,hemos oido muy buenos comentarios, sigue adelante y te deseamos lo mejor amor… Mami y Papi.

  3. Hi!

    I just found your site and I really like the way you blog, sharing your experience with interesting comments and beautiful pictures 🙂 Damn, you totally made me wanna come to Korea…
    I have myself a website called http://www.weekend.com.sg which aims to list all the best travel blogs in Asia. Since you definitely offer a quality content, I’m convinced that your blog would interest my visitors. Would you agree to have your RSS feed integrated in my metablog? This way my users could access your blog, and you would have more readers as they would be automatically redirected to your site.

    I’m looking forward to hearing from you and to reading your new posts 🙂

    I wish you a great week!


  4. wow. ive been reading your blog and you seem like a really cool person. I’m glad you are having fun in korea.

    it sounds like you have had quite the adventure. I am new to korea and am looking for some cool people to hangout with since I’ve been having a hard time making friends since my school is small and my co teachers are much older. there is one young person but she’s got a korean bf so she never seems to want to hangout. anyway, just trying to make new friends. I don’t have a blog just fb so if I don’t seem to much of a freak to you please shoot me an email on fb or whatever. itd be nice to talk to someone who lives here and is friendly and open minded.



  5. Hi. This is Sooyoun Choi, I am working in Gyeonggi Provincial government building and in charge of Gyeonggi Province’s foreign language websites and blogs. I must say that your blog has lots of good information about South Korea. So I was wondering if I can put some of your posts on our English blog with your permission. The address of our blog is: http://eng.gg.go.kr/
    It will be useful for many people. Please give me your thoughts. You can e-mail or call me if you need more information. Thank you.

    Soo-youn Choi

  6. Interesting blog Alex, with some useful insights into Korean culture. I’ve added you to my blog list. I especially like the posts on Parents’ Day and Teachers’ Day which provide interesting background information.


  7. Hello Alex,

    My name is Nicole, and I’m the manager of publisher partnerships for See Jane Fly (www.seejanefly.com) — an exclusive network of women’s local lifestyle and travel bloggers, who are committed to exploring new and different ways to approach travel – through pop culture, everyday life, design, food, and adventure.

    The only platform of its kind focused on the female travel vertical, See Jane Fly is small, but with good reason. We take special care in selecting the “best of” travel and local lifestyle partners, who are recognized and trusted by audiences far and wide.

    We’re big fans of From Korea with Love, and we’re excited to connect with you. We’ve been focused on partnering with key sites as we “officially” form our blog network, and we’d love to get you on board.

    I look forward to hearing from you soon.


    What we do:
    See Jane Fly elevates the best travel content from a vibrant community of independent publishers and partners. Weekly, we create collections of city guides, travel inspirations, tips, and at home experiences that inspire our readers to explore new and different ways to travel – through everyday life and adventure.

    We’re looking for travel, local, and women’s lifestyle blogs who are committed to exploring new and different ways to travel – through pop culture, food, everyday life, design, photography, you name it – to become part of the See Jane Fly Publisher Community!

    Nicole Rogers
    See Jane Fly, Inc.
    Publisher Partnerships | Manager

  8. Hi from the UK
    ust found your blog by accident while looking for historic facts after watching the movie 71 into the fire, i found it a very moving film about a culture i had not thought about, thanks to your great blog for teaching me more about korea and its cultures on a day to day basis.

    Best Regards

  9. Hey girl, I’m looking at these comments from other people and I’m thinking to myself I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for giving me something to aspire to. Man, now I’m gonna have to actually really work hard on my blog. Stop being superwoman you’re making the rest of us look bad! 🙂 Just kiddin’.

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