My Hedgie

Within the first couple of weeks of living in Korea, I felt the urge to finally get a pet I always wanted: a hedgehog

When I got him, he was about 3 weeks old., still hadn’t teethed yet and was barely drinking any of the baby food I was giving him. With trial and error I finally got him to eat and eventually got him some real hedgehog food. Which contains Taurine. Which is found in Redbull. Which makes Chumpi act like a cat on catnip!

He is now part of the adventure ❤


10 thoughts on “My Hedgie

  1. I’m currently living in Daegu and miss my Mochi back in the States. I am looking for another hedgie, and I’d like to know where you got Chumpie. Pet store? Emart? An acquaintence? Any information would be helpful. Thank you in advance.

    • Yeah no problem, I got him on Pet street right on the main street off of Banwaldang Station. You will notice the cages right outside the small hole in the wall store. It is across the street from Tous le Jour. There, he was worth 50,000 but you can also find them at Home Plus for 100,000. They def make the stay in Korea so much easier and a lot of fun ^^

    • My teacher’s son who owned a pet…the only one I would trust. Sadly all my friends said that if I had had a dog, they would have gladly taken care of it. A hedgehog is not exciting enough. Or they know of Chumpi’s evil tendencies 😉

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