A Week in Photos #5

May 11- I got a chance to travel for an over night trip to a pension in the mountain of Unju (운주산). About 20 boys came on the trip, they horsed around and waited for pizza and fried chicken to come. I was super excited about it and then realized I had the same taste in food as 14 year old boys. Niiiice. 

While I waited around, I watched an interesting documentary on the Gettysburg address. Rather odd to be watching this on a random mountain in Korea. Also, it was creepy how everyone in the documentary was a real person except Lincoln. He was digitally animated…and it kinda freaked me out. 

Taro bubble tea! It exists here! I loooooove this stuff, it is so freaken good. If you have never tried it..you are missing out!


Awesome art made by college students. 

A difficult word to translate, the closest I could think of is “Laaaaaaame”. A slang word young people use aaaall the time.

Like I said, this show has been made on blood, sweat and tears. While preparing for a dress rehearsal, I decided to yank off the price tag of a new piece of costume I bought. Little did I know the tag was attached with a safety pin. Oh the irony. I realized it when it hooked my finger in. The agony, oh the agony. 

Nothing like the nice warm night air and a walk through a dark alley to make you appreciate life here in Korea. It is just so peaceful.

My students made sandwiches for Home Ec and gave me one. A teacher asked me which did I prefer: American sandwiches or Korean sandwiches. I said American…. all this mayo they put on their sandwiches here gets to be a bit too much after a while. 

Flowers from my friends because of Closer


Yeongcheon: herbs and needles and everything in between


Horses at riding school


Hair Comparison


At the home of a famous poet


It's in the little things


a moment taken


Another world


An exhibit...a dark dark room and It inside




Coolest thing ever!


Yeongcheon: Wine Making

We headed to Yeongcheon with Daegu Pockets, for a two-day extravaganza. It was only 39,000 WON, around $35-37. First the wine tasting, then horseback riding, star gazing at the observatory, Herb Festival with lunch vouchers included, dinner and breakfast at the pension we stayed in, and throw in some ATV riding!


Only an hour away from Daegu


Our first stop was at local vineyard:


All in a day's work



A bit messy and dirty, but fun none the less



We got to keep our own tub to bootleg at home and our own bottle!



Dirty Jobs Edition: At least we are using our hands and not our feet right?



Wine and Kraft cheese at 1PM? Great!



The bottle we kept along with an awesome label they made for us



Worth a visit