Shopping Shenanigans

Here’s a random moment in my life. Eric had asked me to go along on his shopping endeavor in order to get that female POV. I suggested calling our good friend Willie, who is the master of style. Eric asked if he was willing to help him out and Willie was like “Sure, I use to be on a committee that advised people on professional dress and development”.  …. That did not surprise me…AT ALL.


“A furry collar on a men’s blazer!? Oh no they didn’t!”


And the sky burned

It was the strangest sunset.
Daegu South Korea Sunset 1

A rainbow cut faintly through the sky…
Daegu South Korea Sunset 2

and I felt like I was in a dream.
Daegu South Korea Sunset 3

This world was so vivid and strong, like a painting that had been set aflame. Daegu South Korea Sunset 4

It felt like it was a message to me alone. Daegu South Korea Sunset 5

To get up, to wake up and just live. Daegu South Korea Sunset 6

Rainy Day River Walk

Downtown Daegu - Rain

A faint rainbow in the background ❤

Analie and I decided to go watch a Samsung Lions game. Baseball games in Korea are just so awesome! Unfortunately, it got rained out. The silver lining (pun intended ಠ◡ಠ) was that it turned out to be a beautiful aftermath of a storm – rainbows, ducks and cranes galore! It was a perfect river walk.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

Runoff water comes from street level and is dumped into the river.


Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

Unfortunately, some garbage gets thrown in as well.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

The water was amazing to watch against a vibrant tumultuous sky.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea (Crane - 흰두루미)

Cranes are sometimes hard to spot on the river, but today they were everywhere.

Sinchon River - Daegu South Korea

One of the best murals I’ve seen in Daegu. Daegu is known for it’s apples and beautiful women.

April 2013 in 2 Minutes

  1. Rooftop view of Daegu
  2. Sinchon River
  3. School Lunch –  Some kind of kimchi, sweet & sour pork, mini fishies with walnuts, rice & dried seaweed, kimchi soup with hot dog slices
  4. Salmon on lemon thyme cream cheese and toast
  5. A beautiful school and awesome spring day
  6. Pier in 월포
  7. A beautiful school and awesome spring day
  8. Rainy train ride to Seoul for an audition
  9. Sampler dish at “Comedor” – empanadas and some chipa (baked cheese and yucca bread)
  10. “Comedor” Paraguayan Restaurant in Itaewon
  11. A French trained baker is a dangerous person to know
  12. Duryu Park, with the Daegu Cultural & Arts Center on the other side of the lake
  13. Constanza, my Spanish-speaking friend ^_^
  14. Growing herbs for some cookin’
  15. Gyeongju Marathon – tried doing the 10k and slightly regretted it
  16. Garden of Eden at the Keimyung University Dongsan Medical Center
  17. Daegu Gyesan Catholic Church (대구 계산성당)
  18. Puppy shops!
  19. Amazon crash a Toga Birthday Party
  20. Physical therapy due to the 10k  (ㅠㅠ)
  21. Old meets New – My favorite picture of the month
  22. Best Jogae Gui 조개구이 place! They put the baked sweet potato into cheese as dessert.
  23. Co-worker’s wedding (The bride was my English co-teacher and the groom was the P.E. teacher from my school)
  24. Roman who moved out of Korea about a year ago. He surprised us with a visit!