A Photo Shoot by Dezignsbyma


Back in August, I went to visit my friend Antwon, who had started his own company called Dezignsbyma. He got into photography when he moved to Korea. Similarly, I picked up my first DSLR because I was moving to the other side of the world. Though clearly, he has used his talents much more efficiently than I have haha.

I was a bit nervous of playing model, which my friends found funny considering I am on stage at times acting and do these Youtube vids. But again, modeling is NOT the same as acting lol. As I told them, when acting you are playing a character who could be far different then you (case in point I recently took the role of Fezzik in “Princess Bride..true story). So by the end of it, I just had to “act” like I was a model so that I could get over my nerves lol. Thankfully Antwon was patient, and the session went really well.

Click on his logo to check out his amazing photography. His studio is right here in Daegu, close to the heart of downtown.

Reviewing some of the pictures

Reviewing some of the pictures

I nervously laughed through the whole process ^_^

I nervously laughed through the whole process ^_^

by Dezignsbyma - Photo 2

by Dezignsbyma - Photo 1by Dezignsbyma - Photo 3

by Dezignsbyma - Photo 4


The 6th annual Salsa Festival in Busan

2013-08-03 15.19.42

For one night, Laura, Esther and I headed to Busan for the 6th Annual Salsa Festival. I didn’t realize just how big salsa was until I went. Yeah, there are a few groups here in Daegu, that focus on teaching salsa to a t and then dancing the night away. I guess being at the beach and seeing such a large group of people made me see just how interested Koreans were. According to Busan Haps,

Koreans liked the dance so much that in the early 2000s, they started holding salsa congresses, big, weekend-long events that involve social dancing, performances and dance workshops. […] By 2008, salsa was so popular in Korea that multiple congresses would be held around the same time. This was a big change from the almost non-existent salsa scene in the whole of Asia just ten years prior.

When I got there it was a bit intimidating to see. Koreans, as is in their educational nature, are extremely hardcore when it comes to their studies. Salsa is no exception. You can see in their moves that they’ve practiced a LOT, it becomes a solid choreographed series of moves. So you can imagine as a Latina, I feel a bit embarrassed that I don’t know all the moves, or that they aren’t sharp enough. Though I grew up with this kind of music, salsa and merengue were the natural things played at birthday parties and barbecues, it was something that I never got really good at until I came to Korea. Go figure, right? The foreigner group (aka my friends) who taught it to me, though we practiced each Saturday night… it felt like we did it for the sheer fun of it. We were a bunch of ragamuffins getting together to have some fun. In other words, we don’t practice the ballroom salsa you see in a lot of the Korean groups. For me, my background is “street” salsa, what your uncle Carlos was doing and trying to teach the kids. My friends, who attend salsa parties more often than I do have told me how Koreans have been so surprised when my friends tell them they don’t take official lessons. That they’ve practiced from just doing it at parties.

2013-08-02 22.22.53

The night was amazing! Laura, Esther and I felt like we came, we danced, we conquered. We knew it was a successful night when we felt like we were showering in sweat. Seriously, it was so disgustingly awesome! Korean men, especially the ajossis, are just so good at dancing! The oldest man there somehow moved me in a way that I ended up doing a little kick mid-air like a happy-go-lucky leprechaun! Only thing that bugged me was feeling all paparazzied out, I know I know..I sound paranoid. But there is a difference between onlookers who are curious and taking pictures, and then there are the creepy voyeurs that you know are there to get off on filming and taking pics of a bunch of girls. Anyways, we just had to ignore them and enjoy our night anyways.

We ended the night with some chicken and beer, and then strolled around until we found a love motel. We had this amazing poem written on the outside of the motel in front of ours. Oh Korea, and your little charms ^_^

2013-08-03 11.53.30

Outside our motel for the night


FrmKoreaWthLove – Podcast Episode 1

Podcast Ep. 1 Cover

So a while back, I got contacted by a blogger wanting some help with creating a hallyu blog. Out of that conversation, this podcast was made. Now, whether it will continue in the future depends on many things. Sit back, enjoy, be part of the conversation. If we do continue with the podcast, what other topics would you want to see? Leave a comment (◕‿◕✿) 


Westerners’ Misconceptions

1:02 Koreans love to drink

4:06 Koreans work too much! 

8:42 South Korea is not safe

Koreans’ Misconceptions

14:05 Westerners are individualistic 

21:56 Westerners can’t handle the heat! 

27:10 Western sexuality 

My EPIK Medical Check-Up

Medical Check Up in Korea - And this is the outfit I get, 대박!

Check-Up in Korea: And this is the outfit I get 대박!

Yesterday, I did my mandatory renewal medical checkup. I really like the new hospital my coworker recommended, she found the cheapest one and I got to travel to a new neighborhood and the whole experience felt like an upgrade . Look how comfy I look in those patient scrubs! (。◕‿◕。). Shop around for a hospital! The usual price for the exam is about $100! But you can find others for cheaper. Here is a list of things to expect on your visit:

  • Bring a 3 x 4 passport picture of yourself as well as your passport 
  • Weight and Height Measurements
  • Vision Test
  • Hearing Test
  • Colorblind Test
  • Urine Test
  • Blood Test
  • Blood pressure Test
  • Chest X-Ray

Watch the video for my full thoughts on the whole thing, as well as how interesting I found it that the nurse did not use gloves when taking my blood! v( ‘.’ )v

The Assembly Line Waiting Room

The Convenient Assembly Line of Small Medical Rooms

Make note of the lack of gloves

Make note of the lack of gloves

Privacy is over rated, I'm use to this now. Camaraderie of suffering together!

Privacy is over rated, I’m use to this now. ‘Cause it’s about the camaraderie of suffering together!