A Week in Photos #9

2012-12-11 19.21.33
Since Masan, I ate burritos for like 4 days straight…so like a total of 12? ^__^ Yeah, I know I know…but I needed to savor the awesomeness that is cilantro. Jiseon came over and we made guacamole. Sadly the avocado was not ripe so it had no strong flavor and was hard as a rock. We got creative and steamed it until soft. Adding lemon solved it all. It was amaaazing. 

2012-12-10 16.58.08

I’ve been rocking these awesome new slippers that Chris sent me from back home. Oh he knows me too well lol. I could probably almost outdo Cookie Monster in a Cookie Eating Race. 

Patient in a Korean hospital

As per usual, I had to make a run to the hospital for another checkup for my school. Thankfully I made a case for myself and made sure I didn’t have to get ANOTHER x-ray done. Woo hoo …no radiation! And then I saw this woman, and she made the stressful visit a bit more humorous. Hehee shopping with an IV still in her arm. Epic. 


I went skiing this past weekend to Phoenix Park, located in the same city that the 2018 Olympic Games will take place in. It was epic! Mostly because I thought I was going to die (since I always get pretty hurt every time I go skiing). But the weather was perfect! no wind at ALL and so it wasn’t even cold! And it was natural snow. PLUS, it was really foggy but only at the top of the mountain. It was surreal skiing through it, quiet beautiful! Most of all, I did pretty well actually~! I was shocked! 


My students finished their exams so really I’ve become a babysitter this week. I hate when exams are at the beginning of the week. Throws my whole schedule off. So here is one of my favorite students watching a Korean drama, because it’s filled with “handsome boys” according to them. I let them watch and explain to me in English, but I had to laugh as I looked up and saw Lisa knitting. I laughed and told her that she looked like an ajumma (technically a married woman, but we use it to just mean old) knitting away while watching soap operas. 

2012-12-17 22.44.22

Dory left this past week so it was another goodbye. I went to her house to hang out and here she is showing off her awesome 90’s folder she actually had brought from the States. 
The cold here has become unbearable! (>_<) I’ve lost two pairs of boots to the wet cold weather. Oh well, at least that means shopping is a must! lol  
Camera 360
My students are picking up their new textbooks for next year. In Korea, the school term starts in March (Not in September). I was a little sad because these 2nd graders are picking up their 3rd grade books (aka their 9th grade books) and I won’t be teaching them since I only teach the first two grades in middle school. Sad! 

Transformer Santa in Korea

And of course it’s Christmas tomorrow! So cannot wait to spend time with awesome wonderful people here ^_^ 

A Week in Photos #8


Pimped out cat in a tattoo shop in Downtown Daegu. Daaaang he got style! Purple wings?! Wow that is amazing! 
 Cutest dog I have ever seen!

Even dogs need to Gangnam Style lol. 

This breaks my heart a little. This is actually my friend Chris’ picture. He teaches at an elementary school and this random Monday, like 5 of his students brought chicks in a cup into his classroom. He was confused and found out that apparently this was this old guy selling them for like 90 cents outside of the school! And OBVIOUSLY these chicks don’t last long, just look at it! It looks so miserable ;(


The view from the teacher’s lounge. The colors in autumn are so beautiful! I enjoy the view while drinking the citron tea you see in the pic. 

The ginkgo tree outside of Camp Walker (the American military base near my school). This trees are so beautiful right now! 

Bits of pink also pepper the fall.

I love that there are roses out in the midst of autumn and ginkgo trees and pine trees!

The red and yellows just stand out so much!

Around Daegu

Beautiful temple near Downtown Daegu

Instead of selling chicks in front of my school  [-_-], this lady is selling cotton candy ( a nicer alternative).
My Pepero stash! Oooooo yuuuuummmmm! Thank you for the Pepero ♥

Had to say goodbye to Patricia who headed home after being here for a year. Aww this is her on the way to Incheon airport. ;(

The remnants of another Pepero Day. 

Halloween in School

Of course I am running around like a witch in school. Partly because it’s easy, and partly because I’m egging on the idea that maybe I am a witch in the eyes of some students. Haha, I’m just embracing the role 😉 

Anywho, for those teachers interested here is the video I made about the history of Halloween and the PPT game to follow. First do the Halloween intro PPT then the vid and then the game. I’ve found it works best in that order.

Halloween Powerpoint (intro)

Halloween Jeopardy 

In the spirit of Halloween, I leave you with these two stories my students wrote in my after school class. Plus I leave you with the video I made on the history of Halloween. I’ve added the PPT Game I played with my students for anyone interested. 

The Cats Town

By Hye Yeong & Hee Gyeong
It was about 1960, there lived a couple. They were going to a trip to the country and they left. But nobody knew where did they went. So the woman’s brother left his home to find them.
He arrived at the country and asked people. But they didn’t know, either. That midnight, he saw one bus. There were two or three people in the bus. He felt strange, but he rode the bus. The bus arrived at a strange village. The people who lived in that village were strange, too. They were wearing old clothes and they didn’t speak. From then on, a person who came to the strange village with him was gone each night. And there was only him left at the Bed and Breakfast. That night he didn’t sleep and waited. Some minutes later, he opened the door and saw people. They were citizens of the strange village.
They wanted to kill him. Because… that village was ‘The Cats Town’, citizens killed people and gave them to cats. They thought cats were their god. Because the Cats Town didn’t communicate with other cities, for about  100 years, they still believed nature was god.

What happens in the Ghost’s house?

By Jeong Ryu & Hee Ok
Jay was a very smart student. One day, Jay finished her homework and she was getting ready to sleep. But she heard a strange sound. Jay could not sleep. Jay said “Who are you?” A baby ghost appeared. And the baby ghost said “Jay! You must go with me together to the ghost world.” Jay wondered why, so she wanted to go to the ghost house. She said ”o..k” So Jay and the ghost went to the ghost world. The ghosts wanted to eat Jay. They were ready to eat her. But Jay screamed “Ah!!!!!!!” The ghosts caught her foot and hands. And they cut Jay’s neck, legs, arms. They ate Jay, who was very delicious.